Here's a great New Year's Resolution for you - join (and use) your local library
30th December 2012
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Right, it's this simple.

Click here and follow the link to join Hertfordshire libraries:

You will need to get along to Hitchin library on Paynes Park to collect your card and ask them for your PIN. Then you have access to more knowledge and information than most brains could ever hope to absorb.

Some of it is contained within objects known lovingly as 'books' and 'magazines'.

However, loads more will suddenly be available to you online. I bet you didn't know that members can access ebooks and audiobooks (sadly, not for Kindle users). You can borrow up to three items for 7, 14 or 21 days just by using your library card and PIN (which you will by then have collected from Hitchin Library).

Someone, somewhere, will be currently formulating an evil plan to extinguish all local libraries, but if we're using it, then they can't. Simple.

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