Have you heard how good Hitchin's food is?
30th June 2014
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Sometimes, I don't think we appreciate the great food on offer in Hitchin. We have some inventive chefs creating delicious dishes every day - much of it in independent pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Hitchin Street Food Monthly aims to bring us what can be less familiar - us Brits don't usually like to eat on the street. On 4 July, Vic Feast offers the delights of Cantina Carnitas, Hitchin Vic street burgers and street dogs, along with a live DJ.

We're all good at finding vouchers to eat out in the chains, but there are often good deals to be had in the local restaurants. Keep an eye out for regular offers.

Now we have a new Turkish restaurant in Sun Street (where Philpotts used to be), there's no excuse for not trying new tastes and you don't need your passport!

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