Have an Apple iPhone or iPad?
26th August 2010
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Are you tired of having dozens of remote controls cluttering your house and confused by which one of the hundreds of buttons to press next?  Want your kids to turn on their own TV, every 5 minutes or just want an easier home life.  Then call us for a free no pressure, no obligation, no technical jargon chat.  

We can now control your TV, Sky Box and pretty much any piece of Audio Visual equipment you own, all by an iPhone or iPad.  Imagine, using the device that's probably already in your hands anyway, to turn your TV on, turn on Sky, change to your favourite channel all with one simple button press.

We can even extend its capabilities by installing a multi room music system so you can listen to your favourite music as you move around your home.  Or even have it control your lights to avoid you getting back up when you've just sat down to turn off the lights or when the kids have left every light on in the house.

Simply call us now, you'll be amazed at how simple we can make your home and your lives.  Discounts available to Bestof Members.

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