Halsey's Hitchin reopens
24th August 2015
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We all have to make choices of where to enjoy a great cup of tea and there's so many great independent shops now, you're allowed your favourites.

The refurbishment of Halsey's has turned a beautiful old building into a stunning new tea shop and deli, with many long-standing staff members and a rekindling of great service.

The menu retains some of the classics and certainly some of the interesting teas on offer are a real bonus. The wood counter at the front of the shop allows you to enjoy a snack while watching the world pass by on Churchyard. There's plenty of plug sockets for those who need to use Halsey's as their temporary office.

The whole renovation gives a modern, up to date feel and it was a nice touch to be given a timer with my tea - it really was perfect when the sand had run through.

I'd be hard pushed to choose my own favourite tea shop in Hitchin, but this reborn Halsey's is definitely high on the list.

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