Giving at Christmas ... and all through the year.
10th December 2012
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I was reminded recently that it's ten years since I gave up a whole Christmas to volunteer for Crisis at Christmas. I had wanted to repeat the experience this year, but recent incidents and accidents have conspired to make it impossible.

Then I read an article on the Comet's website about the success of Hitchin Street Angels. A group of people who give their Saturday nights to help others out and about in the town centre. They're reducing crime and making the town a happier place. Find out more about their work here:

Then, of course, there's the Hitchin Rangers, who keep the town centre safe and clean. Say hello to them next time you see them. THere a nice picture here:

I mentioned in a recent blog the work that North Herts Sanctuary does to help homeless people around our area. They're always looking for donations of goods and time and do a huge amount to support people who are perhaps more vulnerable then most. Find out how you could help here:

At a time when Christmas can become all about being busy, having parties and buying stuff, maybe it's also a good time to thank those who give and see whether we can help them. We're not all fortunate in having spare time or spare cash, especially right now, but many of us do, and many of us wonder how we could make a difference in our community. There's lots of opportunities out there. What more could you give this Christmas?

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