Give Us A Call When Your Chips Are Down.
12th February 2010
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I had this in from Steve Matthews, the owner of Parc Computers, your local friendly high street computer shop and thought it was a lovely little piece of writing that says exactly what they do!

We build and repair PC's and laptops.

If your PC or laptop is running slowly and is causing you frustration, don't worry because we can service your computer which will speed it up,
increase your levels of security, remove any viruses that may be on the computer and also allows us to to advise you on computer
management like automated backups and damage limitation.

Did you know that only 1 in 10 people backup their data, the majority of people that don't backup, don't understand how to and
therefore just hope that nothing goes wrong.....this includes small businesses. 

If you know someone that is in that situation than tell them that there is a fantastic computer shop in Hermitage Road in Hitchin that
can help them with all their IT needs and provide simple solutions that will take away their frustrations.

Steve Matthews from Parc Computers - Give Us A Call When Your Chips Are Down.

And not only that, but Steve is a great bloke too - we can highly recommend him!


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