Gatwards Jewellers in Hitchin - Lisa Gatward - The Final Chapter
7th September 2011
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Lisa Gatward 1948 - Present

Lisa was even younger when her father died and so she still had several years of education ahead of her.  On leaving school, she tood a secretarial course and eventually became secretary to the Chairman of British Aerospace.  However, wider horizons beckoned and following a cruise to South Africa with her family, she decided to go to sea.  For several year she said the world as an officer on the QE2 where she met her future husband, Graham Pheazey, a fellow officer.

While the war in Vietnam continued to rage, they cruised the world together for several years while back at home, Britain entered the European Community.  Following their marriage, they came ashore - Graham became an art dealer and picture restorer and Lisa returned to Hitchin to take her place alongside her mother and sister in the family business.

Two children, Benjamin and Charlotte followed, the eight generation.  Like her sister, Lisa continues to work in the family business.

This information has been taken from the Gatward book celebrating 250 years 1760-2010 with the permission of the Gatward family).  Acknowledgements to Susan Robinson (nee Gatward), Hitchin Historical Society and Hitchin Museum

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