Garden House Hospice Care to host drop in session for the community entitled ‘Everything you wanted to know about dying but were afraid to ask’.
8th May 2018
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During Dying Matters Awareness Week, which runs 14 – 20 May, Garden House Hospice Care would like to encourage our communities to think and talk positively and proactively about death and dying.


Dr Sarah Bell, Garden House Hospice Care Medical Director, commented:

“Death is something that will affect us all in one way or another. So in Dying Matters Awareness Week, we would like to open up the conversation and help dispel some of the distressing myths around death and dying.”

One common myth many people believe is that ‘There’s no point in thinking about dying’. It’s easy to be superstitious and to believe that the more we think about death, the closer it gets, but this isn’t the case. If we do think and talk about the end of our life a little bit and make some plans, it can make the last days easier for us all and help to reduce feelings of regret for our loved ones. Such planning could include making a will or doing practical things to help loved ones that will be left behind, deciding what kind of care we’d like, or making clear our wishes regarding our funeral.

Dr Ros Marvin, Consultant at Garden House Hospice Care, added:

“Death and dying should not be taboo subjects. It is known that people and their families who have talked about and planned for the end of their life worry about it much less. So we are hosting this event to allow people to talk about this important topic in a safe and friendly setting, supported by healthcare professionals from the hospice.”

At our event we will include opportunities for people to:

  • Discuss some of the questions and myths around all things related to death or dying
  • Post thoughts and ideas on our ‘Before I die I want to……’ board
  • Gain further information on our Hospice services and upcoming events and workshops

This welcoming and informal event – facilitated by healthcare professionals - will be a drop-in session on Thursday 16th May from 6pm and 8pm at The Icknield Centre in Letchworth.

For further information, please contact:, Marketing and Communications Manager

T: 01462 679540


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