'Fright at the Museum' - featuring our very own British Schools Museum
5th February 2014
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There's a new film out that shows a different side to the British Schools Museum. Filmed by Hitchin TV and featuring museum manager Andy Gibbs, this is an investigation into one of the most historic buildings in the town.

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek in places and featuring the night vision filming we've got used to seeing on our TV screens, 'Fright at the Museum' is well worth a view. The gala premiere was held last night at The George in Sun Street (another historic building with its own ghostly tales to tell) and more than £500 was raised for the museum.

Who knows the truth behind the ghostly sightings and the unexplained bumps? Make your own mind up by watching the film online when it's posted later this week and get along to the Museum when it reopens later in the month.

For more information go to: http://www.britishschoolsmuseum.co.uk/

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