Free Outdoor Leadership Course
29th March 2017
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Team Building


Decision Making
Problem Solving

These are some of the things that you will learn over the weekend when you are challenged to various activities over the 2 days.

The programme is funded by Rotary Club so no cost to you apart from your time and commitment.

  • held at RAF Henlow
  • provides leadership, team working and leadership opportunities for delegates aged 18 - 30 years
  • The programme is managed and run by the training team at Henlow as well as professional trainers
  • Starts Friday 30th June at 15.30 and finishes Sunday, 2nd July at approx 14.30
  • The cost is covered by Rotary

This is a fantastic opportunity for delegates to gain important life skills in a well-managed safe environment with both team and one to one feedback.  Can you please think of potential delegates – family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, charity organisations…… 

Please contact  for further information on how to apply for a place.

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