Favourite places for a coffee
18th September 2008
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Hitchin is spoilt for choice when looking for places for a coffee and a snack. I've tried a few and wonder what other people think? The 3 really popular ones seem to be Starbucks, Cafe Rouge and Cafe Nero. And whilst they do nice tea and a real selection of different coffees they are also overrun with chilren in buggies! Don't get me wrong, it was only a few years ago that I was one of those mums desperate to get out of the house and meet friends but it seems that those are the places to go if you have kiddies. Halseys are in my opinion a true gem. They stand out as being a real community cafe with a mixture of good quality produce and they seem to promote lots of local community activities which is good.

Further down Bancroft you also have Coffee Coffee and Doughty's Brasserie. Doughty's on first glance doesn't look like somewhere you can pop in and have a coffee and snack but is actually very relaxing and nice to go if you really want to chill out with your drink!

I've used The Ginger Jar too and popped into The Victoria Pub for a tea as well! Has anyone else got any hidden cafes they can recommend?

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