Ever Thought About Becoming a Foster Carer?
19th March 2012
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SWAN Fostering is an independent local fostering agency in Hitchin. We pride ourselves on always putting the needs of the children and  young people placed with our foster carers at the forefront of all our plans. At SWAN Fostering, we regard training as a crucial element to providing high quality placements. Fostering is a demanding and complex task, and SWAN Fostering is committed to providing good quality training, which is accessible and relevant to all our foster carers. 90% of our foster carers have achieved an NVQ qualification through SWAN Fostering funded professional training.


Becoming a Foster Carer is about caring for a child or young person in your own home, and giving them the opportunities needed for a positive future. At SWAN Fostering, we recognise the vital and sometimes challenging role our foster carers have in providing outstanding care for children and young people. We understand that Becoming a Foster Carer is a life-changing event, that should be appreciated and rewarded.  SWAN Fostering believes that allowances paid to foster carers should reflect the hard work they and their families put in. At the same time, the cost of placements should also be realistic for Local Authorities to meet, and for us to provide carers with the level of support they need.  On average, SWAN Fostering's foster carers will receive £400.00 for each child placed with them. This will vary depending on age and the needs of the child.


At SWAN Fostering, we are proud to say that our foster carers achieve our aim of providing the best outcomes for children and young people.

If you would like to speak to someone about becoming a foster carer, please call us on 01462 433808 or visit www.swanfostering.co.uk.  We are based in Lyon Court in Hitchin.

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