Don't drop litter!
24th September 2014
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Most people enjoy walking around a town that is free of litter and some of us are becoming more vocal about it.

There's signs appearing all over the town reminding everyone about picking up their litter. Some refer specifically to dog waste - they all do it and some owners are less than rigorous in tidying up.

I'm on a mission to pick litter up when I'm dog-walking, especially on Butts Close. It seems a magnet for people walking across after visiting bakers or chicken shops. To be fair, all the bins are close together, so I've stopped tutting and just starting picking it up and walking it to the bin.

Plenty of studies have shown that litter breeds litter, so if we all did out bit, it would make a difference.

So, next time you see a sign, just read it and hope others do, too.

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