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19th March 2013
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People of Hitchin raised their voices to stop Simons redeveloping the whole of Hitchin town centre, when it's Churchgate that is the eyesore.

Now it has been announced that the local council has listened to our voices and cancelled the Simons contract. And Simons told The Comet how they felt: "extremely disappointed".

We are fortunate in having some vocal locals who are prepared to provoke us all into action.

We are also fortunate in having both The Comet and The Advertiser, who listen to local residents, businesses and communities.

Certainly, something needs to be done to improve the hideous mistakes made over the last few decades, where beautiful buildings have been allowed to fall into disrepair and then demolished. We're probably not unusual as a town. What is unusual is the number of people who care and who are prepared to stand up and be counted to stop it happening again and again.

So, read The Comet to find out more about this story:

Find out more about Hitchin Forum on their website:

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