Discover Ladybird in Hitchin
10th August 2015
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As summer 2015 seems peppered with rainy days, here's an idea of how to spend one of those days.

Take the kids, grandkids and maybe even your parents and grandparents to British Schools Museum on Queen Street for their 100 Year of Ladybird books.

It's 100 years since the first Ladybird book hit the shops and libraries of our childhood and I still have some that I just can't bear to let go.

Some of learned to read with Ladybird and many of us learned about everything from birds to bees and butterflies.

Hitchin's British Schools Museum is an amazing place to visit at any time, with discounts for family groups and free quided tours available.

My brother was one of the last children to go to school in Queen Street, before moving up to Whitehill School in 1969, but the school was founded in 1810 and there's plenty of history to see and experience.




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