Cold, wet and windy but we still love the game of rugby!
1st November 2009
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I must be like hundreds of parents across the country who every Sunday come rain, shine, wind, sleet or snow, fill my flask of hot tea and head off to the rugby pitch.  Today, after a night of halloween antics, I took one look out of the window and prayed that the call would come to cancel the match.  But No!  So off we went, change of clothes in bag, umberella (which was of no use whatsoever) and grim determination that WE WOULD ENJOY THE MATCH!  I have to say how impressed I was with the turnout in such dreadful weather.  All those parents and coaches who give up their own time to come out week after week just so the kids can learn the game of rugby.  The coaches and referees take so much stick from us the parents and yet they stay calm!  It's so easy to get involved from the sidelines.  I AM one of those mums screaming (as if I actually know how to play the game) at the boys (and girls) to 'tackle them round the legs' and 'run forward not backwards'.  As much as I moan about getting up on a Sunday morning I actually enjoy seeing my boy play, bit of mother/son bonding.  And I've also done my fair share of cooking hot dogs and bacon sarnies in the kitchin too.  So I know that without the support of the parents and those local businesses who help support the clubs financially, that many clubs can't run.  So once again, a big thank you to all the supporters of the sports clubs - you do a brilliant job!

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