Cinema to Post Office to ...?
17th March 2012
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What’s next for the Hermitage Road site currently occupied by Royal Mail’s sorting office?

I read with interest about the recent sale to “someone local” (the Comet’s words, not mine) of the old Post Office that stands between Hermitage Road and Portmill Lane.

Certainly, I’m not the only one who can remember the old Post Office on Hermitage Road and the furore caused when its closure was announced. Now, we’re all used to using the Post Office in Brookers or one of the other sites around the town and villages.

Let’s just hope that whoever the new owner is, they make improvements to the town on what is a huge site. How lovely would it be to have a proper, landscaped river walk-way through from the market, beside the car park on Portmill Lane and out onto the thriving Hermitage Road?

One hundred years ago, a cinema was built on that patch of Hermitage Road, one of three we had over the course of the Twentieth Century, and there’s no reason why some leisure facilities shouldn’t be included in the new plans.

The sale of the site is a result of the nation-wide transformation process taking place across Royal Mail. Our deliveries will come from Stevenage soon and we’re all hoping that we keep our lovely team of postmen and women, albeit that they have a five mile drive before they reach us.

We await the plans with interest and look forward to hearing from the “someone local” how they will use their new-found power to transform what has been – truth be told – a bit of a Hitchin eyesore.

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