Churchgate up for discussion ... again
21st July 2014
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Various meetings are taking place in Hitchin this week to discuss the possible development of the concrete estate that runs from the Market Place through to the 'new' market.

If you're new to Hitchin, you won't remember the very, very old shop that stood on the site. I'm sure someone thought it was a good idea to demolish what probably just need some renovation in the 1970s. Just as several other delights were constructed in that period and have become a part of the landscape of Hitchin, Churchgate is just 'there'.

For the last couple of years, plans have been put forward for redevelopment at, presumably, great cost to someone.

New plans are afoot and will be discussed by North Herts District Council this week. We have to hope that some sanity will prevail once those plans are made public. Again.

Several groups are actively working to protect the things that make Hitchin special and one of the most active is Hitchin Forum, who are also part of Hitchin Town Action Group.

So, if you're new to the town, or if you don't really know what on earth is going on, then check out the Hitchin Forum website to read their take (often based on diligent research).

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