Churchgate - more proposals
12th January 2013
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This week has seen some progress - or possibly lack of progress - on the redevelopment of Churchgate. Another exhibition comes this week from Hammersmatch, following the fairly futile proposals put forward by Simons at their exhibition.

For more information about the Simons proposals, from the viewpoint of Hitchin Forum, click here:

I would include a link to the Hammersmatch website, but they don't seem to have one. Please put me straight if that's not correct. Seems a shame.

The Simons proposal is available online:

What is clear from the various reports of the discussion meeting held last Wednesday, is that Hitchin residents are taking an interest in how Churchgate is developed and improved. With such a prime location on the edge of the Market Square, it is important that something is done.

However, it is vital that local residents don't leave it to groups like Hitchin Forum. A band of vocal volunteers who care deeply about our town and community, they can't do it alone. And if they don't represent YOU, then make sure you get along to the Hammersmatch exhibition and find out more.

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