Can You Stop the Virus from Spreading In Hitchin?
5th August 2015
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When Trigger approached Tilehouse Rotary Club in Hitchin about staging a Zombie game, there was a lot of interest from members about what it was.

Being hooked on The Walking Dead myself, I volunteered to get involved with the first game which is set around Hitchin on Haloween.

The committee made up entirely from volunteers from all sorts of local people from various backgrounds have been working with various community groups and businesses to get this game going.

With 200 tickets on sale (they are selling already) and 60 Zombies there will be various 'scenes' in secret locations around Hitchin and players will need to pick up clues and get medicine to stop the outbreak and quell the Zombie invasion.

Zombies will be required to attend Zombie school on 21st October where they will be taught how to dress up, apply makeup and act in a zombie fashion.  Players and Zombies must be 18+

All proceeds from the event will be going to Rotary charities.  In 2014/2015 the club raised over £60,000 which went to International, National and local charities.

The website is soon to be launched but if you are interested in taking part you can go to or follow on twitter or facebook 

You can find out more about the work of Hitchin Tilehouse Rotary Club by visiting the website HERE 

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