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28th August 2014
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Sometimes, it seems like none of us can make a difference to anything. Then, along comes an opportunity to make a difference.

Such an opportunity lies in the proposed refurbishment of the Cabbie's Hut which has stood since 1998 on the Market Place.

The total cost of refurbishment is just £3,500 and Town Centre Manager Keith Hoskins is taking donations at his office in Churchyard.

For those new to the town, the hut was built at Hitchin Station as a shelter for the local cab drivers awaiting fares. There were several similar huts built around the country - including a famous one in Pimlico which was still serving tea and buns last time I went past it a few years ago - and this one was saved in 1976 when it was set for demolition.

It spent a number of years in the garden of John and Patsy Myatt before being renovated and moved to its setting in the centre of town, which seems most fitting. Although now mostly used as storage for the HItchin BID team, it's a bit of a landmark in the town and in need of a lick of paint.

So, if you'd like to help, get in touch with Keith Hoskins at the Hitchin Initiative. If we each contributed about 50p, that would do it in no time.

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