Bye bye mummy tummy - Pilates anyone?
14th October 2013
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So it is 18 months since I had my boy and I have been trying to get myself fit ever since.  Because I had to have an emergency c-section there are areas that my current efforts don’t seem to be hitting so I have decided to try something new. I have just done Standalone 10k and after I was introduced to Michelle from Pilates Pod who thought that not only could she help with toning the parts that other workouts hadn’t but also with my running!

I saw that the Pilates Pod runs a 4 week intro course and thought I’d see if Pilates was the answer……..

Thursday was my first class at the Pilates Pod, and in my mind I thought it would be a cross between a legs, bums and tums class and yoga, with lots of clinging onto a Swiss Ball trying not to fall off and look silly, and everyone would be super slim and super flexible, this however was not the case.

What greeted me as I nervously entered was a real mixture of ages and very welcoming instructors.  They took us through the equipment we would use (not a Swiss Ball in sight!) and we started to work through the basic principles that we would use in the classes.

This first class has really opened my eyes to what Pilates actually is, the fact that in there somewhere I do have a core, how to use it and something I haven’t had to do for a number of years - homework! So since Thursday, I have been trying to sit correctly, balance my body and practice lifting my pelvic floor!

Looking forward to my next class!

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