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1st October 2009
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I belong to a networking group called Women In Business Networking (WIBN) in Hitchin and have been since it launched in 2007.  What I like about the group that its formal but in an informal kind of way if that makes sense?  We meet monthly, we all have a minute to talk about our businesses but it's the conversations that happen around lunch that actually are more positive.  Business ladies at the Hitchin group come from a variety of fields, carpeting, florist, marketing, beautician, accountant, natural therapist, property maintenance, hypnotherapist, investment services, banking, utility services, and of course, little old me.  If you are thinking of joining a networking group and want to come along to something that is focused but not too 'full on', then you should consider WIBN Hitchin.  You really get to know your colleagues and they become a supportive network and in effect, part of your sales team.  Don't go along to these events and expect to come away with business on the first visit.  It does happen sometimes and it does differ depending upon profession, but it takes time to build a relationship and with any networking, people need time to get to know YOU and your business.  The cost of attending is only £22 which covers your lunch so if you are new to business, whether you run your own, or part of a larger company, or thinking of setting up, then why not come along?  The only stipulation is that you can only come along if your profession isn't already represented in the group.  And oh, you have to be a lady!

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