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15th May 2013
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It's easy to park outside Deja Vu - newly arrived from Royston with a stock of summer clothes and event wear. It's a dress agency, so everything is pre-owned, but most of it has only been worn once.

Opposite the Town Fryer at the top of Hermitage Road, Deja Vu has a good selection of outfits, complete with matching handbags and shoes if that's your thing.

Take in your own special pieces that you know should be worn again but just aren't right for you any more. There'll be someone out there who'll love them.

We have too many empty shops in Hitchin and it's great to see one of them being filled.

You can make some great savings and be environmentally-friendly, too.

To find out more, visit and like Deja Vu on Facebook:

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