Billie No Mates on New Years Eve!
23rd December 2009
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The dilemma of New Years Eve.  Gosh it's nearly that time again and we've not sorted out where we are going to be at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve.  The problem is trying to find somewhere who will be happy to take young children on.  Last year we went to the local village hall and half the people were unhappy that there were young children there and the other half were unhappy that the people without children were moaning about those of us with children!  To be honest, I can empathise with those who are out for a good night out only to be frustrated with noisey kids running all over the place.  But not all kids are like that, some just want to have fun too and a dance with their mum and dad.  But unless you go to the local village hall or round to a friends house where is there for families to go to on New Years Eve?  Do you know of anywhere locally - cos I don't.  Looks like Keith and I will be in the land of nod playing with billie no mates again!  Happy New Year!  If you know of anywhere, let us know!!!!

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