Bags of stress, not presents.
16th November 2011
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We asked Anisha one of the Directors of Woodside Osteopathy in Hitchin to give us a few pointers about how to recognise the signs of stress in the run up to Christmas.

However much we'd all like to avoid the fact that Christmas is fast approaching, we can't. It's everywhere and unfortunatly without realising, the stress of Christmas can cause more problems in your body than you realise.


Common symptoms of stress include fast breathing, back pain, shoulder tension, headaches and even nausea. Stress can recover of it's own accord but more often than not acute stress will almost always turn into a chronic problem which is why aches and pains seem to disappear but then return with very little aggravation. Preventing your muscles from turning into something more serious can be acheived by gentle stretches, drinking more water, exercise and relaxation techniques. If any pain or discomfort persists then you should visit your GP or an Osteopathic specialist for further advice. Lets fill those bags with presents and not stress.


Anisha Joshi (Clinic Director/Principal Osteopath)


Woodside Osteopathic Clinic, 47A Bancroft, Hitchin, SG5 1LA

01462 452929

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