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2nd September 2009
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I've just got back from the family holiday to Sardinia. Great holiday, sunny and very, very hot (35 every day). I'm not going to do the normal English thing and complain about the weather.

But, the funny thing was that we couldn't get a flight home without paying £900 (2 adults & 2 kids!) one way from Berlin (it was a connecting flight). So, having a Husband who works in the airline industry, who wouldn't fly with a rival firm, I had an issue of getting home before school goes back. So, I ended up in Geneva for the night, which wasn't a bad thing. But, I just couldn't get over how expensive things were. I understand that costs have gone up, and people are struggling. But, we paid £28 for a 10 minute taxi ride from the airport to the hotel!!!!! What's that all about???? So we took the kids on the train into Geneva, they started to get hungry (as children do!). Went into McDonalds, it costs £23 for 2 Big Mac meals & 2 Happy Meals. That's right, I didn't hit the wrong keys, £23!!!

My point is to my rant...... We're struggling in the UK, but we're more responsible with our charges than our European counterparts!



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