Art Trail 2010
21st May 2010
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I was speaking with Tim Farr, Hitchin Festival Chairman yesterday and he was telling me about the ART TRAIL 2010 which is part of this years Hitchin Town Festival.  It's basically for artists (professional or amateur) to exhibit and possibly sell up to 2 artworks.  Your art could appear in the window of one of Hitchin Town Centre's participating shops from 26th June to 25th July.

Guidelines are:-

  • artwork not exceed 1m in any direction except by special arrangement
  • Must include a label which is either sewn, fused, glued or written on the back of your artwork with your full name, address, email, phone number, title, medium and price.
  • Where possible, include a photograph of your artwork with the same details as above on the back
  • No entry fee to take part but a contribution of 10% for any sale is requested which will go as a donation towards Hitchin Festival funds.
  • Artwork must be received at Tim's Art Supplies in Tilehouse Street, Hitchin on MONDAY 21ST JUNE.  Artwork cannot be accepted before or after this date.  All works submitted are subject to slection.  Artwork will be matched as best as possible to the most appropriate shop.  All unselected work must be collected on contact.
  • Any unsold artwork will be available from Tim's Art Supplies from WEDNESDAY 28TH JULY UNTIL FRIDAY 30TH JULY

Responsibility cannot be accepted for any damage incurred due to circumstances beyond control.  Please help by using plenty of bubble wrap on your packaging and we will return works in the same.

If anyone is interested and wants futher information, please phone Tim's Art Supplies on 01462 455376

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