Are the builders nearly done at Hitchin Town Hall?
21st October 2015
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It seems like years since the town hall closed its doors and the Hitchin and Letchworth museums announced their impending move in to the building once it's renovated.

Now signs have gone up on both the new extension and the existing building, yet there is still a mess in front of what is one of our landmark buildings.

There's also a question mark over the old museum building on Paynes Park next to Hitchin Library.

Hopefully, sense will prevail within the local council and their advisors. The Museum could be an inspiring and interesting attraction for the town, with the Town Hall offering a venue for large events and the old museum building providing a home for community groups.

But who knows? Peppered with controversy, the refurbishment of the Town Hall seems to be approaching completion in significantly longer than it took the Premier Inn to be built and ready for occupation.

For a bit more about the history of the refurbishment, visit the Hitchin Forum site.

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