Are ISAs A Joke? (A Red Nose Day Special)
17th March 2011
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In honour of Red Nose Day, we start with a "joke"!

So, what did the fish say when he hit the brick wall?


We are heading quickly towards a financial brick wall as the tax year comes to an end.

ISAs are a great way of saving long term because once it’s tucked away in there the tax man is excluded.

But with cash ISA rates below the rate of inflation, many people are effectively LOOSING money when they thought they were saving – but are unsure which investments might be right in the current market turmoil.

So who do you know who is worrying because they have not yet invested their ISA for this year?

Or who has been putting it off because all the cash ISA rates make them laugh?

Tell them - we will give them a FREE review of where they are and what they’ll need – and we can get it done before we hit the brick wall!

Susie Bewell, Raymond James Investment Services.

A Safe Pair Of Hands In A Volatile World.

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