An evening of Clairvoyance
6th September 2009
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I've woken up this morning feeling calm and happy.  I went to a 'medium' party last night which I have to admit I am probably like a lot of people and when invited I thought it was going to be embarrassing and probably not any good.  The chap is called Philip Kinsella and I have to say that I am now a true convert.  We booked an 'Evening of Clairvoyance' where the medium comes to your home and you invite upto 8 friends around.  Beats a tupperware party anyday!

So we all arrived with a bottle and some nibbles, looking slightly uncomfortable waiting for the chap to turn up.  We did the usual jokes but as soon as the doorbell went we went into a kind of hushed anticipation.  Will he choose me first?

Phillip is a very nice bloke, put us all at ease and wasn't in a rush to get off home afterwards.  He stopped and had a cuppa and answered our questions of which there were many.  Do you ever get frightened?  What is the weirdest session you have ever done?  Do your friends ask you to do a 'party' piece when you are out?

Well, to get back to the story.  There were 9 of us there and we all took notes for each other so that we could remember what was said.  He was just so accurate, said things that he couldn't possibly have guessed.  Knew the names of people, how many children etc etc.  We were all amazed and left with no reason to disbelieve that he was conversing with our loved ones. 

If any of you have ever considered going to a medium, I would highly recommend this chap.  His website is

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