5 Tips to Say "Yes" to a Fabulous Wedding Dress This Summer
29th June 2017
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In plenty of time, the Wedding dress needs to be chosen and we offer a few considerations that are worthy of note may well help you make the decision and say Yes!


Fashion, Trendy or Tradition, once the budget has been agreed, there is a choice to be made between high fashion, trendy modern styles and traditional wedding dresses. Fashion is cool but in years to come when thumbing through the family album will the present fashion still look so fabulous or would a traditional style be a better idea? The choice is yours.


Poised and elegant, always looks good, seek the advice of the Professionals at The White Wardrobe when making your choice, they are friendly and will offer honest advice and experienced guidance regarding what looks good on you and what does not.


Will you be able to continue wearing the dress after the wedding? This is worth bearing in mind as many brides have chosen well and are able to wear their wedding dress for other occasions due to the style being appropriate. Spending a good deal of money on a dress for one's wedding is fine but being able to wear a beautiful garment again makes perfect sense and a good investment.


Be inspired by the Leading Makers of Wedding Dresses at The White Wardrobe, they are:

Justine Alexander

Augusta Jones

Alan Hannah

Mia Mia

Admire them, try them and select the style that suits you best, this is your big day and it deserves to be spectacular! These people are professionals and they know what makes a wedding dress perfect.

Accessorise. Accessories can add the extra sparkle to one's wedding dress, including the veil, shoes, a tiara etc., well-chosen accessories colour coordinated work well.

Please note, wedding dresses can take up to six months to arrive and you need 6 weeks for fittings, so book as early as possible please to ensure that you are not disappointed at this very special time.

The White Wardrobe is situated in the Market Town of Hitchin, where it has been supplying beautiful wedding dresses, and bridesmaids dress for over 14 years. In that time they have gained very many exceptional reviews and testimonials from their highly satisfied customers, the mark of a well-respected business.

The White Wardrobe of Hitchin is very highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

Further information and contact details for The White Wardrobe may be located at:


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