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Treat yourself or someone you love to fine fragrances or mineral makeup from leading beauty brand FM World.

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If you're looking for great value, high-quality makeup or fragrances in Hertford or Hoddesdon, then Pam Charman at FM World is your lady! 

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About FM World

Haven't heard of FM World? 

Best known for its high quality fragrances, FM World is also recognised as an international provider of cosmetics, skincare, nutritional supplements and much more.

Customers keep returning to FM World because they can enjoy the finest quality beauty products at great prices you won’t see on the high street.

The business was founded by Artur Trawiński from Poland in 2004, and quickly became an international success story.


FM World fragrances cover all the traditional perfume family groups, such as floral, oriental, citrus and chypre, plus pheromone fragrances with a hint of animal attraction.

Blending a high level of perfume content with a competitive price, FM World fragrances give customers an unbeatable experience.

FM World offers three main fragrance brands:

  • Utique: described as the ‘decadent’ end of the market, FM World uses the most expensive perfume ingredients for fragrances called Ruby, Black, Flamingo, Bubble, Violet Oud and many more.

  • Pure Royal: as the name suggests, this brand is all about luxury, with on-trend packaging and a range of fragrances for men and women, plus solid perfume sticks.

  • Pure: classic fragrances for men and women.

All these products contain at least 20% fragrant essential oils, which means they qualify as ‘parfum’.

Many high street brands have a lower fragrant content, meaning the fragrance does not last as long.

FM World also offers an Intense range with a 30% perfume content, producing a more powerful and enduring scent.

You can rest assured that FM World fragrances are not cheap copies, they are sourced from DROM who supply many of the most popular high street perfume brands.

FM World buys direct from DROM and does not spend millions on TV advertising, meaning customers can enjoy great value parfum, rather than expensive EDT or EDP.

FM World also has perfumed skincare products to complement its fragrance ranges, along with candles and ritual sticks (perfect gifts for Father’s or Mother’s Day).


Whatever your skin type, taste or style, FM World has a makeup brand to suit you. Using its own versions of on-trend products, FM World’s makeup is formulated to include a combination of minerals and vitamins to protect and nourish your skin.

The use of minerals means FM World can offer both natural and strong colours for lips and eyes.

These can be applied and blended easily while offering long-lasting power, ideal for all-day or evening looks.

The use of minerals means FM World makeup blends fantastic quality with strong pigmentation, which set them apart from cheap alternatives.

Minerals also reflect light so that lines and wrinkles can appear smoother. The skin feels ‘breathable’ and not clogged up as with some ranges.

Free of most irritants, FM World makeup feels light on the skin and a little goes a long way!

For example, the Alaya range — including two eyeshadow palettes, a bronzer and a highlighter — is vegan friendly.

Its mirrored compacts means you can easily carry it with you.

FM World also has a range of powders, highlighters, blushers, eyeshadows in the form of magnetic inserts to a variety of size of palettes.

So, you can choose your own combination and replace an insert as it runs out, without needing to replace the whole palette or waste part of it before it has been finished.

Finally, here are some current FM World makeup highlights:

  • Long-lasting matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks in a variety of shades, plus new 2020 formulations of hyaluronic and plump effect lip glosses.

  • One of the most popular products are long-lasting sparkle cream eyeshadows which last all day. Use subtly during the day and more boldly to make an impact in the evening.

  • FM Glow Highlighter drops are currently very popular, as are eye pencils and mascaras. Customers say the mascaras are better than more expensive brands, and do not irritate eyes.

For more information on the FM World range of fragrances and beauty products, please email Pam at, call 07815 767077 or visit

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