What's Stopping Our Phil From Becoming Heanor's World Champion?
25th June 2012
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We first met Phil Hogg on the day that his brother-in-law moved in next door to us, several years ago. He's one of those people who you like straight away; friendly, approachable and obviously devoted to his wife and young children. He's pretty unassuming, and really easy to talk to as well.

Despite our neighbours having moved out again a few years later, we still bump into Phil and his wife regularly at local events and around the town, and he's always got time for a chat.

We've known for years that Phil was heavily into his basketball, and that he has trained with the stars of the England Basketball Team, but we've only recently found out that he's also a talented marathon racer, regularly finishing in the top 3 and earning invitations to some of the biggest races around the world.

So why isn't he a household name like Haile Gebrsellassie or Paula Ratcliffe? 

Maybe because Phil has only actually been racing seriously for the last 2 years! And maybe because he is a wheelchair athlete, and unfortunately this country doesn't yet shine enough of the spotlight on our hugely talented disabled sportsmen and women. (Hopefully this might change after we host the Paralympic Games in London later this summer). 

Like all top athletes, Phil needs to train every day, and follow a strict dietary regime, with high levels of carbs and specialist drinks. But as a wheelchair racer, Phil also has additional needs on top of those, including maintenance of his racing chair and gloves etc. Progression to the next level would also mean entering marathons in Berlin, New York and Chicago, all of which means additional flights, transport and accomodation costs. And none of this comes cheap!

To continue his development and reach his full potential, Phil needs to find sponsorship, and this is where you all come in....

If you run a local business, or can afford and want to help, by either a single, or an ongoing donation of money, or maybe by providing equipment or other resources, please get in touch with us, or contact Phil directly on 07986 950 739.

It may be too late for this year's Olympics, but wouldn't it be great to see a London Marathon winner, or even a World Champion come from Heanor? 

Lets see if the power of our community can help Phil reach for the stars. 


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