We're All Going on a Summer Holiday.....
10th June 2011
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In a Spin after your holiday???

So, you've been through the brochures and chosen the perfect place for your summer holiday.  Yipeeee, its going to be soooo great not to have to go to work in the mornings, to have all the time in the world just to relax and do what it is you love to do. 

What will you do? A day by the pool, a trip down to the beach, a visit to the old ruins or nearby quirky little provincial town?  Follow that with a nice meal at the local eatery, a couple of glasses of wine watching the sun go down over the bay, then maybe off to a nightclub for a good old boogie.  Sounds perfect.

But then what?  

You get back home and you're tired from that night flight that seemed a good idea at the time as it was cheaper than the day flight (or it was the only option available - yes, I've been to Dalaman many times and day flights are like gold-dust!!) 

The taxi finally gets you home at eek o'clock, you're shattered and just want to spend the day in bed. But you can't! The kids are awake and you've got four suitcases full of dirty washing to be sorted and washed before you go back to work tomorrow! Yuk!

All that rest and relaxation ruined by spending a whole day by the washing machine doing load after load after load.  Is it me or do holiday clothes actually multiply in the suitcase on the plane home?  I always seem to have more when I get back than I took with me....

So what do you do? 

Well here's an idea - why don't you take your suitcases straight down to the laundrette!! 

At In a Spin in Langley Mill they have clean modern machines that can take up to 3 times the amount of clothes of the machine in your kitchen. And even better - they only take about 30 minutes to complete the wash!  Amazing! And the prices start from just £3.20 for self-service options. Even more Amazing!!

Seriously - just 30 minutes!!  To get all of your washing done! 

Park the car for free right outside the doors, open your cases and load all your washing straight into the machines (use your own favourite detergent if you prefer). In just half an hour everything is washed and clean.  Just time to pop to the new Asda just round the corner and pick up the bits for the kids' school pack-ups for the next day.

And if it's a typical British summer day, you can use the dryers too from only 50p (here's a tip - tumble drying cuts down on the ironing and that can only be good right??)

Do your post-holiday washing at In A Spin when you get back this year and keep that holiday feeling going on and on and on...



**See In A Spin's main feature listed in Launderettes and Laundry Services **


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