The Flags Are Up in Heanor for St George's Day - Or Are They?
12th April 2013
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We've just heard that a number of local people are wondering about the flags that have been put up along Ilkeston Road, and have complained to the Council about them.

As we posted last night, Marlpool Heanor and Shipley are hosting a big celebration of St George's Day next weekend and the flags are part of that - they line the route that the parade will take down from All Saints Church to Shipley Parish Rooms.  The event has been planned for many months now, and will be similar to the parade which took place last year for the Queen's Jubilee, which also featured flags along Ilkeston Road. 

The organisers have asked us to confirm that this is nothing to do at all with the death and funeral of Margaret Thatcher, as some people have incorrectly assumed, leading to a number of complaints.

St George is the Patron Saint of England. The Irish have St Patrick, the Scots St Andrew and the Welsh have St David, all of which are celebrated in the relevant countries.  Celebrating St George's Day is in no way a racist action, its just a way of recognising the heritage of the country in which we live, and being proud of England. England is, and always has been, home to people of all races and nationalities, we have a cosmopolitan society with a rich history, a respected standing in the world and, hopefully, a bright future.

Whatever your politics, your background or your beliefs, everyone is invited to help celebrate St George's Day, and St Patricks Day, and St Andrews Day, and St David's Day and raise a glass to the place they call home!

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