Taking the Rough with the Smooth
18th February 2012
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So there I am, sat at home relaxing on a Sunday afternoon when the phone rings (number withheld); some poor soul has lost their house keys and is stuck in the rain! Yes, I can help, yes I can get there really quick.

Less than 20 minutes later I arrive at the property and confirm that the customer is legally entitled to enter the premises, which is further confirmed by the fact the neighbours wave and say hello as they pass. I also check they have the means to pay, which they assure me they have but their cheque book is in the house. No worries I reckon, they seem genuine enough!

Happy that all is in order I proceed to gain entry via the front door, and once in the lock is changed and new keys handed over I write out the invoice while they go to find the cheque book.

The chequebook in question has decided to hide somewhere and is not wanting to be found, the customer has no cash and can't get to a cash machine until the morning. After a little hesitation I agree to call round in the morning for the cash and head back home with a head full of concerns.

I'd only been home a few minutes when I get a call from a lady in Halifax asking if I had just been to a property she owns in Derbyshire. It seems the tenants are at least 2 months behind on the rent and are facing court action leading to eviction!

Being an honest kinda guy, I fill the landlady in on the events of the previous hour or so in every detail, and we agree on a course of action which I won't bore you with here.

Naturally, when I call to the property the following morning, there is no one in and I am still without payment!

The more I look at the events of that evening, the more obvious it becomes to me that I was always going to lose out; I'm even remembering things that didn't seem significant at the time, but that in hindsight I should have picked up on.

I learn something new everyday when it comes to my line of work and I would like you, dear reader, to take something away from this sorry tale too!

If you ever find yourself locked out, and on arrival the Locksmith asks for payment up-front, please don't get annoyed, it's just peace of mind for them!


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