Social Media leads to London Exhibition for 4 Belper Artists.
26th March 2012
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We've all heard of Twitter and very few of us are not on Facebook, but do we, as business owners, really know the power of the social media phenomenon?

We connect with our friends and chat about what we've been doing at the weekend, post funny photographs and plan get togethers, but local artist and thebestof member Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors has taken it to a whole new level. 

Reading her timeline one day, Mandy saw a post by calling for artwork created by women at home, combining housework and family life with their love of painting.  She sent in some of her work, and it was immediately accepted for inclusion on the site, along with the work of other local artists, Ruth Gray, Jenny Oldknow and Christine Gray. Of course, knowing how talented Mandy is, this is certainy no surprise to us,  but its fantastic that her work has been recognised and given another channel out for the rest of the world to discover and enjoy. 

Amy Digham, founder of the site, has now announced that the artwork will be the subject of an exhibition at the Vibe Gallery in London from the 19th to 25th May this year, with a private viewing day on the 18th.  This will be a huge accolade for Mandy, and we're really excited for her.  Surely it's every artist's dream to have their work exhibited at a prestigious London Gallery!

If you want to see Mandy's work on the website, just click here, but if we're honest, we believe that this site doesn't do Mandy's work full justice.  To see the vibrant colours and skilful brushwork, and to truly feel the beauty of Mandy's creations, you really have to see them first hand. But you don't have to go all the way to London to do that - Mandy has her own Gallery and Art Studio just a short drive from Ripley in the lovely village of Heage, where you can see many many more of her fantastic creations, as well as crafts and gifts by other local artists.

But that isn't the end of the story - the success of this project has led to more opportunities for the four artists, who are continuing this collaboration and now meet up to work together on other projects such as the Derbyshire Open Arts, Belper Art Trail and #twitterartexhibit (taking place in Moss, Norway.)

This is a perfect example of the powerful opportunities that exist through social media, and the way that they can be used to raise your profile and develop your business. Mandy has taken the bull by the horns and is now reaping the well deserved rewards. If you're in business in Heanor and Ripley and aren't yet using social media to shout about everything that you can do for your clients, then you are definitely missing a huge opportunity.

Congratulations again to Mandy, and good luck for the exhibition.

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