Small Businesses... want to get bigger?
16th March 2012
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If you're in business in Heanor, Ripley or anywhere in the Amber Valley, your local Radio Station wants to help you.

Advertising on local radio can add a fantastic boost to your business and Amber Sound 107.2FM have a great track record of getting real results for the organisations they work with. They have a knack of putting together catchy radio ads that stick in your mind for ages, keeping your business name in listeners' minds well after your ad has finished playing.

Now Amber Sound has devised an effective package just for small businesses looking to make an impact.

There are certain requirements though
•    You MUST NOT be VAT Registered
•    You MUST NOT  turnover more than £60,000 pa
•    You MUST NOT be a current Amber Sound FM advertiser
•    You MUST NOT drive a Rolls-Royce or Aston Martin :)

If you fit these criteria then give the Amber Sound FM team a call on 01773 513107 mention thebestof, and ask about the Small Business Starter package. 

They'll work on some ideas for you and then deliver a package that will knock your socks off.



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