New McDonalds opens in Langley Mill
15th February 2013
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It's been the subject of much speculation over the last months and even years, but the doors finally opened today at McDonalds in Langley Mill. Judging by the size of the queues we saw (as we drove past) you'd think local people had never seen a cardboard burger or thin wilting 'fries' before.

We guess there is a place in the market for fast convenience food and at least the entrance to our area now looks a bit more cared for, but we just hope that with McDonalds coming so close on the heels of Asda, this isn't the end of the independent shops in Langley Mill and Heanor.

If you don't fancy generic processed food, and prefer variety and interest, don't forget the fantastic Basilia deli and eatery is only just across the roundabout on Cromford Road, selling beautiful fresh, creative tasty takeaway and eat in food with something on the menu to appeal to everybody - and we can guarantee that the welcome will be much warmer and the food served by local people who really do care about their customers!

But hey, that's just our opinion - what do you think?  Why not use the comments box below to tell us...

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