Langley Mill Footpath Gets a New Name
8th August 2013
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People living in Langley Mill have been using a makeshift footpath to get from Station Road to the back of Cromford Road for many years, but now the unkempt cut-through has been given a new lease of life, and a new name.

Amber Valley Borough Council have formally adopted the track and have designated it as an official footpath, giving them the ability to release money from the Section 106 Local Improvements Fund to bring it up to a decent standard.

In the last few weeks the footpath has been fully paved along its whole length and today contractors have erected a lovely new wrought iron entrance-way, proudly proclaiming the track as 'Pottery Lane', in deference to its proximity to the old Langley Mill Pottery, which was located on the site of the Acorn Shopping Centre.  It is also to get an information board and a bench as well, to add to the attraction of the pathway.

The works are the latest in a series of improvements for Langley Mill, which is enjoying a real revival at the moment. As well as the new roundabout, Asda and McDonalds, the area is also set to get a re-developed marina and a new luxury housing development along Cromford Road.

All in all, the entrance to our area is now much more attractive, and if, as they say, first impressions count, this can only be a good thing for the residents and economy of Heanor and Ripley. 

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