Is Yours the Coolest Conservatory in Heanor and Ripley?
31st March 2012
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Here's an idea...

Its a beautiful day and you're enjoying a lovely morning coffee or afternoon beer in your conservatory.  The sun is streaming in through the glass  and its starting to get very hot and sticky in there, isn't it? 
So what do you do?  Pull the blinds? Close the curtains? Either way you're losing one of the best things about this space - the view!

Most people's conservatory overlooks their garden, and many love to sit and admire the result of hours spent toiling away preening, pruning and mowing.  Or maybe you like the way you can sit indoors in the relative peace and still keep an eye on the kids playing outside. But not with the blinds drawn you can't!
Even on days when its not so sunny and there's not so much to look at, the amount of light streaming through the windows can cause all sorts of problems for your furniture, fading, blistering, even becoming brittle and breaking.
So what to do?
Custom Automotive Styling Solutions
could have just the answer!  "What, a car detailing & MOT company?" we hear you say!  Well, Yes!
Junior Cassius, owner of Custom Automotive is not just brilliant at tinting car windows, he can also apply stylish, protective films to any type of glass, including YOUR conservatory, protecting your furniture from those harmful rays and letting you carry on enjoying what your conservatory was made for. And don't forget how good it looks too, as well as the money it can save you on heating in winter and cooling in summer...
Call Custom Automotive today to find out more and get a great free quote.

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