Is Your Heanor and Ripley Home Leaking Money? Glazedale Might Have The Answer!
11th December 2012
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Winter is definitely here and the weather has turned really cold again this week. 

Are you noticing those drafts and cold spots in your home and wondering how much money you are losing as the heat escapes out of your old or poorly fitted windows and doors...?

"But I've got double glazing" we hear you say!  Well if the units aren't energy efficient, you could be losing significant amounts of heat out through the glass itself.

The energy efficiency of windows is measured in what's called a U-Value, and the lower the number, the better the performance.  Using some amazing technology and modern processes, Glazedale are easily achieving a rating of 1.5, meaning even their standard windows are some of the most energy efficient on the market today. 

With all the talk on the news of rising costs of gas and electricity, isn't it time you asked Glazedale how much you could save by fitting energy efficient windows in your home today.

Find out what other local people just like you are saying about Glazedale then give Claudia a call on 01773 712001.  

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