How To Keep Your Blinds Clean
25th June 2013
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Fashions in window dressing seem to change almost with the seasons these days, but there is one type which has remained almost timelessly chic - the blind!

There are many styles; venetian, roman, roller and vertical being the most popular, and whichever you choose you can almost guarantee your windows will look fabulous!

However, blinds aren't without their own maintenance needs, and to keep them looking their best you need to keep them clean and tidy. But that's not always as easy as it sounds! 

Have you ever tried to squeeze your hand between the slats of a metal venetian blind? There are always bits that are almost impossible to reach! Even if you use a vacuum cleaner, you can guarantee there will be some bits of dust left over. And don't get us started on kitchen blinds, where the inevitable build-up of grease from cooking means the dust sticks like glue so that a simple dust is never enough to get your blinds properly clean!

That's why we think this new product from Glazedale & K&A Cox Ltd is simply genius!

By fitting beautiful blinds within the two layers of their A-rated double glazing units, they make sure that your blinds remain immaculate at all times, and their perfect fit forms an extra layer of insulation to add to the efficiency of the energy performance of your windows.

Available in 11 colours and with 3 different control mechanisms, the benefits of these fantastic integrated blinds are

  • Clean for life
  • No risk of damage
  • Maintenance free
  • Durable components
  • Long life
  • Excellent light & solar control characteristics

So if your windows are looking a bit jaded, condensation gathering inside the panes, or just ready to be replaced, now is the time to look at integrated blinds. The friendly team at Glazedale K&A Cox Ltd will be more than happy to show you the best option for your home.

Phone them today or call in to their showroom in Langley Mill...

P.S. Don't forget to tell them we sent you - you'll get the same great level of service, but it'll make them really happy to know!


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