How Much Can A New Conservatory Add To The Value Of Your Heanor And Ripley Home?
18th March 2013
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If you're worried about the value of your home, you might be thinking of extending, altering or adding to it to improve its potential selling price.  

Many people think that adding a conservatory will mean your house is worth more, but there are some points to consider before making such a big purchase. 

Not all conservatories will actually add the value you are looking for, some will not add any value at all, and others could actually reduce the value of your home. 

To give maximum value, your new conservatory will need to have been subject to full Building Regulations Control, and subject to Thermal Heat Loss calculations. With these certificates in place, your conservatory can be classed as a permanent extension and will increase the value of your home accordingly.

If your conservatory doesn't have these papers, it's classed as a temporary structure and may not really add much to the price you might be able to sell yor house for. 

You may also want to consider the specification of your conservatory, and the way its integrated into your original house. A conservatory that is low-spec or not fully integrated is in danger of being seen as something that will need replacing, which may reduce any offers you get for your house.

A well appointed conservatory with good, integrated heating system that blends seamlessly into the overall living space will create a wow-factor when potential buyers walk in. This can lead to your house attracting higher offers, or at least ones closer to the asking price. 

And finally, look for the best quality building materials you can afford. Cheaper uPVC materials can quickly age and will look scruffy in a matter of years, whereas better quality units will hold their looks for much longer. 

For the best advice on which conservatory will add most value to your home, get in touch with Glazedale & KA Cox Ltd. They've got many years experience of providing expert advice and beautiful conservatories to enhance all sorts and sizes of homes, and they're always happy to help with a FREE no obligation quote.

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