How Local Heanor Man is Keeping us All Safe on Winter Nights
29th January 2012
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The temperature is set to plummet over the next week or so and the gritters will be out on our roads to keep drivers safe in their cars, but who takes care of the pavements?

Last year in that very long cold snap, countless people slipped on icy and untreated pavements and broke bones or sustained other injuries.

This year, one of our local Councillors has decided enough is enough and has taken action to sort out the problem himself.

Alex Stephenson, owner of the Imperial Decorating Company, and Amber Valley Borough Councillor, is using the allowance he receives for his role on the Council to purchase spreading equipment and salt to use to keep the walkways of our local area safe for us to walk on in the cold weather.

The machines are all operated by hand, meaning that when the thermometres start to drop, Alex and the small band of volunteers he has managed to recruit spend their own time walking up and down the streets manually spreading the salt.

Isn't it a shame that it takes someone like Alex to make this happen, and that he has to spend his own money to do it?

We would have thought that something as important as this should be a priority for the Council, but obviously not! We expect if challenged they would cite Government cuts and reduced funding, but we would counter by asking "Can you put a price on safety?..."

So next time you are walking back from a nice drink in a warm pub on a cold evening, spare a thought and offer a little 'thank you' to the men who gave up their evenings and their own money, so that we can walk around safely.

Thanks Alex!

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