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20th May 2012
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Welcome to the first House Plant of the Week spot from Flowers by 4Occasions in Codnor

This first week its the turn of the fantastic Ornithogalum Dubium

Ornithogalum dubium, also known as Sun Star, is a perennial bulbous flowering plant of the family Hyacinthaceae, which comes from South Africa (Cape Province).

The plant is a perennial (meaning it flowers year on year) with bulbs below the ground and 3-8cm yellowish green leaves. It has dramatic stems that are 10–25 cm long, with beautiful cylindric to almost spherical orangey or red flowers in winter or spring.

Ornithogalum dubium loves sunlight, especially in the autumn and winter months so if you don’t have a sunny window, a light bulb might be helpful to keep the plant healthy and flowering well. It likes a well drained soil and doesn't like its roots to stay waterlogged so let the soil dry out slightly before each watering.

When flowering time is over in late spring, and the leaves begin to turn yellow, stop watering and feeding, and cut back any foliage that has died.  The pot can then be moved into a darker spot if necessary, before bringing it back into its sunny spot in the autumn and starting to water it again.

To get your hands on a beautiful Ornithogalum Dubium, call in to Flowers by 4Occasions today and tell Neil we recommended him.

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