Heanor Swimming Club win Iron Man Competition
11th October 2011
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8.00 am Sunday 25th September saw competitors from Heanor make their way to Swan Pool, Birmingham to take place in the Iron Man Competition comprising an 1100m run, 600m swim, 900m run, 1500m board, 800m run, 3000m ski and a final 1100m run.

This was an exciting event to watch with Jack Lilley completing the running, Jayne and Emma Stallion the swimming and board events and Paul Anderson the ski. The team went into the final leg in second place and an exciting final run by Jack meant the team finished in first place, a first for the club and the four individuals for this event.

This was a really exciting race to watch working through the logistics of  transitions and how to make the most of individual strengths. The success of “The Fantastic Four” will I hope make others want to join them for similar events in the future.

G Stallion

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