Heanor Parking Payback Scheme Means Shoppers Get Free Parking
26th February 2013
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Free parking in Heanor, as in many of our local towns, is one of the hottest issues in the debate over how to revive our High Streets.

Public opinion is almost unanimous in calling for free parking to be available in the car parks of Amber Valley, as it is in some Nottinghamshire towns, including our close neighbour Eastwood.

But now, thanks to the efforts and ingenuity of the Heanor Traders Association, shoppers will be refunded the cost of their parking ticket when they shop at participating local shops.

From February, when you park in any of the town's car parks, the machine will print a voucher displaying the Parking Payback Scheme logo in addition to your parking ticket. Take this voucher into any of the shops displaying the Scheme poster in their window, spend the relevant amount and the retailer will refund the amount you've spent on your parking ticket.

Spend £5, get 50p towards parking

Spend £10 get £1.00 towards parking

Spend £15 get £1.50 towards parking

Spend £20 get £2.00 towards parking

So whether you're just popping up for some milk and a newspaper, or fancy a longer browse and maybe a cup of tea and a meal, there's no excuse not to shop in Heanor!

Let's all use the scheme and show the rest of Amber Valley how it's done.

If we can make it a success in Heanor, there's no reason why this can't be rolled out into all of our other local towns.


****UPDATE 04.03.2013 ****

list of participating retailers:

  • Anthony Stephens Opticians - 11 Market Street
  • Crystal Nails - 1 Church Street
  • Frosts/Hallmark  - 2 Market Street
  • Headway Charity Shop - 17 Market Street
  • High Life Kitchens Ltd - 27 -29 Ray Street
  • Salcare Furniture Project - 59 Ray Street
  • The Market Cafe - 13 Market Place
  • Tree Tops Hospice Shop

The organisers hope to add more retailers to the list over time, so we will update this list periodically. 

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