Heanor Business Owners Work Together on a Fantastic Mobile Phone Deal
4th January 2012
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In a fantastic, proactive deal, Go Mobile Heanor and Anthony Stephens Opticians have teamed up to offer a brilliant discount for their customers.

We all recognise the benefits of owning a mobile phone for security and piece of mind but the ever more complex devices that are on sale nowadays can be challenging to use and understand.  There is now a growing backlash against these complicated devices, and we've heard many people comment on how they preferred it when a phone was just a device you used to call people on, and maybe also to send a text. 

As we grow older, we often find it more difficult to undertake compicated tasks; tasks that used to be second nature, or really easy to perform. This problem is further exacerbated as our vision deteriorates, and this can make the need for a simple, easy to operate phone even more relevant.

If you're one of these people, or you just want a really great, simple phone, then you need to see Emma or Chris at Go Mobile and ask about the deals they have on the MI Easyphone.  Available as a 'bar' or a 'flip' phone, prices start from just £29.99 for the handset with great call and text costs, often cheaper than many networks and contracts. 

And if you're a customer of AC Stephens Opticians, you will also qualify for an additional 50% bonus on your top-ups between January and August.

For more information, contact Emma at Go Mobile Heanor (01773 533788), or Tony at AC Stephens (01773 713803)

(Don't forget to tell them you read about the offer on thebestof Heanor and Ripley Blog).

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